Company Management

Ahmed Merzouk, PhD
Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Merzouk holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Paris-Sud (Paris-XI), France. He has more than 18 years’ experience in industry and academia in drug discovery of small and large molecules.
Yalcin Ilsever, PhD, CPA.CGA, IMA (USA), FICB
Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Ilsever is a retired Professor of Accounting, Finance and Statistical Measurement. He has extensive experience in the private sector in the issuance of fixed income securities and equities.
Mohammed DH Hassona, RPH, PhD
Mohammed DH Hassona, RPH, PhD
Board Member
Dr. Mohamed DH Hassona received his PhD degree from The Ohio State University, USA. He has more than 10 years’ experience in preclinical and translational research in pharmacology and molecular biology.