Mohammed DH Hassona, RPH, PhD

Dr. Mohamed DH Hassona received his PhD degree from The Ohio State University, USA. He has more than 10 years’ experience in preclinical and translational research in pharmacology and molecular biology. Dr. Mohamed held positions ranging from Research Assistant to Assistant Professor. He has 10 published papers and 15 conference presentations. He has been invited to lecture in many international conferences. Dr. Hassona is also a Registered Pharmacist in Canada, the US and Egypt. He is currently leading the Preclinical (in vivo) subgroup in the drug design and development of the ARB project at Vancouver Prostate Cancer (VPC). The mission at VPC is to foster the paradigm of team-driven translational health research to discover molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and therapeutic resistance, and, to use this information to develop new solutions, services and products to reduce suffering, improve survival for patients with cancer and promote the regional growth of biotechnology.