Advantages Of BPS-001

The advantages of BPS-001 are as follows:

  1. Preclinical in vitro and animal studies showing efficacy against a number of different prostate cancer cell lines
  1. A favourable toxicity profile in several animal models where no toxicities observed at therapeutic doses of BPS-001
  1. Leeches in medical literature have had a favorable toxicity profile, which is an advantage over the highly toxic chemotherapy agents and radiation therapy.
  1. Selectively targets cancer cells while preserving normal cell growth
  1. Unique, multivalent mechanism of action as opposed to single target drug, which is an advantage over the currently approved androgen receptor inhibitors.
  1. Because of its pleotropic mechanisms of action, there is activity of BPS-001 against many cancers and other pathologies that have pathologic molecular signalling such as diabetes, wound healing and autoimmune diseases.
  1. Because of the known analgesic activity of leech saliva, BPS-001 has the potential to reduce pain and discomfort in patients with cancer and other diseases
  1. Potential for FDA/Fast Track/Expanded Access Approval